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There are some pretty special people working in the Rise Above program – dedicated and passionate about the program and the benefits it brings to its young participants.

The program is designed to achieve four clear outcomes through its outdoor activities: leadership; teamwork; resilience and well-being. It’s the hard work of the staff that help students to achieve these skills through the offered activities.

Alexandra Bradley, Alex for short, has been a Program Coordinator since the inception of the Rise Above program in January 2017. Over the last 12 months, Alex and her colleagues have worked hard to develop an engaging, exciting and fully funded program with bookings every month.

The 19-year-old is passionate about educating our youth and is studying for a Bachelor in Education at Macquarie University. She has also completed her Gold Duke of Edinbrugh Award and she sees some great parallels between the two programs.

“There is so much value in programs like these, and you make friends with new people you might not normally come across in your everyday life.”

Alex has been integral to the development of the Rise Above program, being part of the team that have taken it from an idea to fruition, with no activity undertaken without rigorous testing.


“We develop ideas for activities, then undertake a risk assessment, before trialling the activities with different groups,” explains Alex. “Then we get feedback, and have conversations with schools about how they like the activities and possible ideas for further development.”

The Rise Above program has so many benefits – and not just for students.

“It’s great seeing the kids and the students laughing and having fun during the activities. They are not worrying about assignments, family problems or other stresses they might have; they are there in the moment and having a good a time. I also get to meet all these different types of people – from students to group leaders, staff members and other outdoor educators.

“I love being outside and working with Rise Above because every day is different. The program strives to develop positive feelings and memories around school and the outdoors for each individual student.”

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